Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WAYM Wednesday: Musings

Just a quick dispatch from me today, folks. I'm settling back into my regular work schedule after a nice break over the holidays, and remembering things like traffic, and packing lunches, and car troubles that lead to late days, meetings and the emails before and after, and the simple math that getting home at 6 with no plan for dinner and ingredients that are either frozen or nonexistent adds up to a much later evening (and less knitting time) than I desire. Time to actually plan my grocery trips again. I can't complain, though - I am employed, doing engaging work, and if a car breaks down that's ok because we have two, and tonight, while not as planned, has turned into a fine evening.

We went out to eat and had our fill of bready goodness:

Then went to the library, where I picked up my reserved copy of Clara Parkes' "The Knitter's Book of Socks", which I am now enjoying with a hot cup of tea and some knitting: 

And now I am reclaiming my evening by writing only a short post (from an iDevice, no less, since I left my laptop at work. Tonight, I am making time to relax and unwind. 

A few links for you to check out:

The Knitting Sarah is hosting a year-long sock knitting party. The goal is to fit socks into our daily knitting lives. Intriguing, but as I've yet to knit a single pair for myself I'm not sure I'm ready for that. I'll be watching with interest, though!

A lot of folks on Social Media are embarking on a Year of Making. Make something every day, post a photo. Again intriguing, but I feel like the only effect it would have on me us to force me to Instagram daily. I'm not sure if that's useful. Also, Kim Werker is cool. You should check her out. 

Happy crafting, everyone! What are you making?

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