Monday, November 4, 2013

30x30 Remix Wardrobe

I'm joining my sister and a few other friends in a 30x30 wardrobe remix this month. I know, I'm starting 3 days late, but they all said it was OK. You can follow the group on our tumblr page.

If you haven't heard of the 30x30 wardrobe remix, check out the original post from its creator here.

My Wardrobe


From L to R, 1) blue Peter Pan, 2) grey sheath, 3) red a-line, 4) lace

Skirts & pants:

5) flower skirt, 6) brown skirt*, 7) oxblood knit pencil skirt*, 8) fancy jeans, 9) skinny jeans

Tops & Sweaters:

10) white longsleeve T, 11) oxblood knit T*, 12) maroon sparkle tank, 13) polka-dot blouse, 14) pink cardi, 15) white cardi, 16) flower cardi, 17) green cardi, 18) brown cardi, 19) grey bow sweater


20) brown Mary Jane heels, 21) black pumps, 22) black booties, 23) silver flats, 24) sneakers

Not pictured: 25) Leopard tank*, because it is currently in pieces and next up in my sewing queue; and 26) my blue cabled cardi*, which was in the other room when I took these. Things with an asterisk next to them are items I've made.

Today's outfit, which is all function and no style:

27) 'work' jeans (by which I mean yardwork and cleaning, not my actual job), 28) black long-sleeve T, 29) green pullover sweater, 30) puffy vest. 

I debated including the puffy vest, but now that it's cold out I'll be wearing it every time that I'm home (we keep the thermostat low) and often when I'm out on errands or visiting with friends/family if I get chilly. 

And that's it! Do you see a trend? I've definitely got a solid color story going on here, which I'm happy with. Lots of neutrals, oxblood, navy, and deep greens, and just a bit of metallics. 


I'm allowing myself a couple of 'cheats' listed below. If you think these are unreasonable feel free to give me grief about it ;-)

  1. Accessories do not count. (The whole tumblr group is adhering to this.)
  2. Things that I finish making during November can be added to the rotation without penalty. This will be an incentive to finish some of my WIPs. 
  3. Tanks/t-shirts that are worn underneath things for the sole purpose of warmth/modesty do not have to be counted in the 30, as long as they are not a focal point of an outfit. Usually these aren't even visible, but I wear a lot of layers most of the time. 
  4. Some of my 30 items are pretty ratty. I've been mostly 'shopping my closet' for the past 4 years. Most notably, the white cardigan and my black booties are very sad looking. If I decide that these are indeed wardrobe staples and buy replacements, I can switch those in and toss the old version. 
  5. Tights are accessories/socks and do not have to be counted.

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