Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WAYM Wednesday: WIP Roundup

Hey everyone! Time for another What Are You Making Wednesday, and I promised a WIP roundup last time, so that's what I'm going to do. I'm not so sure whether anyone is actually interested in how many random in-progress crafty things I have tucked into corners of my house, but this is almost more for my edification: if I publicly list all of my WIPs, it might help incentivize me to finish them before starting on a bunch of new things.

Exciting news: Oshima is no longer on my WIPs list! I'll write up a full FO post and pattern review soon, but for now, here's a teaser photo from my continuing 30x30 challenge:

WIP Roundup

Here's what I've at least started making:

1) Secret Christmas Things

I talked about this last week. Still plugging away. One of my next projects involves dyeing up a bunch of scraps, which is exciting :-)

2) Leopard Blouse

No progress since last week; I haven't had time to sit down at my sewing machine. 

This is a fun project, and it has a lot of potential, but it requires some ripping back right now (and more math) and I just haven't been in the mood for it. I decided a square shawl was not useful, so a long rectangular stole shape would be better. Great idea, but it meant re-doing all of the math for the pattern repeats... and then once the body of the shawl was finished, I skipped the directions to change to a bigger hook size. Bad idea. The thing puckers like crazy and I know it will NOT block out. So, it's been sitting in a bag for a little while. 

I got the yarn specifically for this pattern, swatched and loved how the swatch came out, started right away and got stalled for some unknown reason. I messed up the lace chart a couple of times and had to tink back, which turned it into a not-so-portable project. Then some other big projects entered the scene (sweaters) and the weather started turning, so I made a conscious decision to put this in the "hibernation" pile until Spring. It shouldn't take long to finish it, so I should be able to finish it in time to actually put it to use. With the lace shoulders it doesn't seem suited for layering in colder months. (It's currently also in hiding, so you only get to see a picture of the swatch.)

These are gorgeous. I've finished one glove completely and am up to the hand portion on the second. At this point in the project, though, I was hit with extreme doubt about its usefulness. When would I have use of long, fancy, full-fingered gloves? Unless someone hasn't told me, I haven't been invited to any costume balls lately... So, I'm leaving them in hibernation until I figure that out. The yarn is great, and I wouldn't mind pulling frogging and re-using it, but the gloves are quite elegant and part of me feels like it would be OK if I finished them and they never got used. The other parts of me think that is crazy. 

I started this ages ago after taking Amy Herzog's Fit To Flatter Craftsy class. I highly recommend the class, and I also can now recommend that you should actually follow Amy's advice about wearing ease. I second-guessed her numbers and ended up with something that's a bit too snug on me. It fits, but I unfortunately find the llama content in the yarn just a tad too scratchy for next-to-skin wear on my arms, and it's not loose enough to fit another shirt underneath it. My sister Hannah is just the right size for it though, so I'm hoping to finish it up soon and pass it on to her. 

6) Long Grey Skirt

This is all cut out and ready to go, but I lost a lot of motivation since I started it when it was still summer out and the prospect of wearing the skirt was so far away. Now that it's winter again, I really should pick this back up. All of my skirts are knee-length, which (even with tights) gets chilly. This one is going to go to the floor.

7) Blue floral skirt 

(See center of package - flouncy skirt with pockets & belt loops.) Started this super excited, then lost steam as I started doubting the pattern I had chosen. The fabric is fancy quilting cotton, so it has a fairly nice hand to it but it's very sheer. I'd like to do a full lining on this, but the amount of work that entails has stalled me for the moment. 

8) Brown suit skirt

This one is a real shame - I made one of the skirts from this pattern set as my Very First Skirt Sewing Project (circle skirt, in black suiting material). I still have it and wear it regularly. It's great. The brown fabric here was destined to become the straight, pleat-front skirt shown in the center of the package. However, it seems that in the haze of making my first project, I misplaced or threw out all of the instructions. I have the pattern pieces, just not the cutting layouts or construction notes. Online searches haven't turned up any solutions to my problem. I might just go to Joann's one of these days, pretend to evaluate the pattern, and take a quick read through the notes while at the store. 

9) Spinning

Oh yeah, I suppose my ongoing spinning work counts as a WIP, too.

Like my setup? This is my hi-tech spinning box, aka an old shoebox. It has a couple of nifty holes poked in it, whereby the spindle can be inserted and mounted so that the yarn can be pulled off of it. The tip of the spindle sticks out the side, so I can rest my shoe on it to tension it. A real lazy-kate would be nice.

I got this Merino at Rhinebeck. It spins beautifully - the stuff I used for my first spinning project was an absolute pain to draft, but this drafts and spins like buttah. Very addicting.

I think that's it! 9 isn't too bad. I thought it might be worse once I started actually digging through my craft supplies to see what was in there. There weren't any surprises that I had forgotten about, so that's good. 

What are you making?

Do you tend to be a 'monogamous' crafter, only working on one project at a time until it's complete? Or do you keep several projects going at once, so you can switch between them as your fancy strikes? Do you ever make resolutions to finish x number of projects before starting another one? Come chat in the comments! 

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