Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WAYM Wednesday: Makin' a List

This week I've been mostly working on secret Christmas stuff, and I already taunted you with a post of sneaky closeups and blurry images, so this week I thought I'd make a list of creative and/or Christmas related things as a countdown to Christmas itself. Only two weeks left, can you believe it? Without further ado, here is my countdown to Christmas.

Christmas Countdown

  • present that still needs to be knit. Time to get on that.
  • days until my work's holiday party.
  • stockings hung on my fireplace - Andrew has 2.
  • days until my little sister, who isn't so little anymore, turns 18.
  • years it took me to come around to actually enjoying colored lights on Christmas trees. "Hate" is much too strong a word, but I used to really dislike them. Andrew has always loved them, so we had been taking turns switching between them. Finally, this year, I suddenly like them. Andrew is so happy. (Side note: this means this will be our FOURTH Christmas together as a married couple. Time flies!)
  • letters in the word PEACE and candles on my mantle.

  • hours left in the day as I write this.
  • logs of wood in our firewood holder.
  • feet tall is my Christmas tree. When people say "trees always look smaller when you're outside" they are not lying, and you should maybe listen to them. It fits though (barely) so it's all good!

  • candles that I can see from where I sit. Winter = more candles please.
  • ingredients in the fried black beans I made to go with dinner tonight. I'll post the recipe tomorrow.
  • porcelain figures in the Nativity scene in my living room. My mom used to put this out each year, for almost as long as I can remember. I've been searching for a version of my own, but this year she said I could take it home and put it up myself. (Thanks, Mom!)

  • skeins of yarn that arrived from KnitPicks last week, tempting me to jump right back into knitting for ME instead of finishing up making presents.
  • days until Christmas Eve, when family festivities begin.
  • days until Christmas.

What are you making? 

Are you counting down the days until Christmas? Making any Christmas gifts or decorations this year? If you have any quick, simple decor ideas I'd love to hear them. Come chat!

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