Saturday, February 1, 2014

Today on a Saturday

Ah, Saturday. No plans except a celebratory dinner for a friend's graduation, abundant sunshine, and a fresh disk of Castle re-runs from the library - plenty of time to work on all of my crafty works-in-progress and maybe start a few more.

Today I am:

...harvesting denim from my massive stockpile of old jeans, to finally make a denim quilt. This has been in the works for YEARS, and it's time to either get a move on it or stop lugging a million pairs of old jeans around. Get a move on it is!

...finishing my Spill The Wine cowl, which I forgot to blog about when I started. 

This cowl starts in on color with a provisional cast-on, then switches to a second color for a shorter lace portion. The end of the lace is then grafted back to the cast-on, creating a seamless, two-sided cowl with no wrong sides. Genius! 
Yellow: Baah! La Jolla in Byzantine Gold; Grey: Valley Yarns Charlemont custom-dyed by me
Raveled here.

...frogging the cowl on my sister's sweater. I finished the sleeve, made the cowl, tried it on and realized the cowl was way too tight. I didn't pick up enough stitches so it fits like a turtleneck, even though the neck opening is a wide scoop. 

...and daydreaming about casting on a pair of socks with this beauty, a skein of Malabrigo Sock in Lotus. I've swatched, looked at patters - but ultimately, I'll be much better off if I get my WIP's list under control before starting something new. 

What are you up to on this lovely weekend? 


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